Cos (cos) wrote in baystate,

Only one week left for Massachusetts Election Reform bill

Do you want Massachusetts to...
  • Let voters download and print out voter registration forms.

  • Let 16 and 17-year-olds pre-register to vote in Civics classes, youth groups, at the RMV, or their city or town hall, greatly increasing the number who will actually vote when they turn 18.</i>
  • Improve training of election officers.

  • Mandate random post-election audits to ensure that voting machines are working correctly and that your vote is counted accurately.

  • These things are all in a bill that has already passed the House, but is still stalled in the Massachusetts Senate. Since the legislative session ends July 31st, if they don't vote on it soon, the bill will die, and have to start from scratch next year.

    Bill text: H4139

    If you'd like the Massachusetts Senate to vote on it before they adjourn, call your State Senator. You can look up who yours is at Put in your address, and in the results, scroll down to "Senate in General Court" and click on their name.

    You can also send a message and get your senator's phone number via MassVote, here.
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