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Voter registration deadline tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 13, is the deadline to register to vote in Massachusetts in this year's November 2nd election.

You can register in person at your city or town hall, or mail a filled out voter registration form to your city or town, postmarked no later than tomorrow. You can pick up a form at any public library (or city or town hall, but if you're there, just fill it out and hand it in), or download and print out the national form here.

If you've already registered in Massachusetts, and haven't moved since then, you're still registered.

  • City/town elections or clerks' offices will be open until 8pm on Wednesday for people to register in person.

  • If you have moved since you last registered in Massachusetts, it is possible that your registration has been moved because of the city census, but it's also possible it hasn't. You can call your city/town clerk or elections office to ask if you're registered. Filling out a new registration will ensure you're registered at your current address.
  • If you miss the deadline, and it turns out your registration has not been moved, but you moved less than 6 months before election day, you may go to your old address' polling place to vote on election day.

  • College students and other transient residents may register in Massachusetts - even if you are only living here briefly. As long as you don't vote in two places in the very same election, you're fine, and you can switch where you vote as often as you want. Homeless people can register too! Pick a street corner and mark it on the diagram on the form.

  • Remember to sign your form and to check the "18 or over" box - these are the two most common significant mistakes I've seen on voter registration forms. The Voting Rights Act says your registration can't be denied for flaws that are not relevant to determining your eligibility, but those two are relevant.

If you have any other questions not answered here, comment. I may know the answer.
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