Cos (cos) wrote in baystate,

Why a new Massachusetts community?

Over the years, every once in a while I wanted to post something about Massachusetts, or for a specifically Massachusetts audience, so I looked for communities to do that. Although I found communities that were supposed to be for & about Massachusetts, and joined then sometimes, they always turned out to be communities with very few people, very few posts, and what posts there were, were about events. Most of these events were either:
- Far away from me, so I usually wasn't interested,
- Near me, so the person who posted it had also posted it to some other community I already read about my city/town or a nearby place, so it was a duplicate

Really, why would someone post about an event in, say, Somerville to a Massachusetts community and *not* to the davis_square community which has more readers? They'd only do it if they didn't know about the local community. And any place in Massachusetts that has a significant number of people on LJ, and events being posted, either has its own community already, or should get one.

So, I'm going to try something new: If we have a Massachusetts LJ community that does not allow event postings (unless they're somehow of statewide interest), can that community actually grow and be useful as a place for statewide discussions?

Perhaps it could just be a place a lot of us lurk, for that every-once-in-a-while post that seems to fit best in a statewide community rather than a local community. Or maybe it'll be more active. I'm happy either way. Please join, tell your Massachusetts friends who are on LJ, and let's see how it goes?

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