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Transportation (the T, gas tax, Mass Pike, ...)

Fascinating post on Blue Mass Group this afternoon, an interview with Secretary of Transportation Jim Aloisi, who says, "I didn't take a pay cut to take this job to lie to you, or to anybody else. I believe sincerely in what we're doing."

Some key points:
  • Transportation reform legislation has to happen now, he says, because many legislators wouldn't vote for anything that looks like a tax increase in an election year, and that if we wait two more years to do it, he thinks we're fucked.

  • 19 cent increase in the gas tax, the largest chunk of which would go towards saving the MBTA

  • MBTA pension and benefits reform: Currently, T employees get a much better deal than other state employees; they're going to phase that out.

  • The Turnpike Authority will have to raise tolls a lot, but if the gas tax increase passes, then not only will the toll increase not happen, but they'll also get rid of tolls past route 128.

  • Combine the state's various transportation agencies into one, which includes abolishing the Turnpike Authority (we've heard about this idea on the news)

  • He wants to experiment with partially replacing the gas tax with a mileage tax, as Oregon is doing - it seems to be successful there.

They're going to set up a new web site with information about all of this transit reform stuff at but it doesn't appear to be up yet.

Update: "All politics is personal."
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