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Have you moved since the last election? Forgot to re-register to vote at your new address?

Massachusetts' voter registration deadline for this election is past, so it's too late now to register to vote at your current address. However:
  • If you filled out a city/town census, they could've updated your registration for you. Don't remember if you did a city census? Don't remember if you updated your registration? Call and check! Google for your city or town's elections division; if you live in a town too small to have a separate elections division, look for the town clerk's office. Call them up and tell them you want to check if you are registered to vote, and they can probably do it while you're on the phone.

  • Have you moved within Massachusetts this year? If you're not registered at your new address, you can still vote at your old address! (Other states may allow this as well, but I don't know the rules for every state). Go to and look up the polling place for your former address where you were last registered to vote. You can go there on election day.

  • Can't get to the polls on election day? Maybe because you moved recently and your old polling place is too far to get to on a work day? Vote this weekend! You can do "absentee in person" voting - again, look up your city/town's elections department or town clerk's office phone number, call, and ask them what hours they're available for absentee in person. Most of them have some hours available for that on the weekend. In theory you could do absentee by mail, but you'd have to mail the application, get the ballot by mail, and send it back in; there's not enough time for that. With absentee in person voting, you can do it all in one visit without waiting for the mail.

While you're at it, register now so you won't have this problem next year! (No elections next year, you say? look again - most MA cities and towns hold their local elections on odd years, including Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Newton, ...)

P.S. Please link to this from your LJ, Facebook, or other places friends of yours in MA may read.
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